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The papers and newsletters below have been written to support the marketing of the software products provided by QCS. However, they will be of interest to all involved in the field of software testing.

Management Papers

An Introduction to Software Testing
Software Testing and Software Development Lifecycles
Software Testing Tools Return on Investment (ROI)
An Introduction to Safety Critical Systems
Why Bother to Unit Test?
Organisational Approaches for Unit Testing
Designing Unit Test Cases
Host / Target Testing
Structural Coverage Metrics: Their Strengths and Weaknesses
Advanced Context Sensitive Coverage Metrics for Object Oriented Software
Complete Application Testing
A Strategy for Testing C++
Testing State Machine Software with AdaTEST and Cantata
RTCA DO-178B Tool Qualification

Quality Assurance Papers

IPL Testing Tools and FDA Software Validation Guidelines
IPL Testing Tools and RTCA/DO-178B
IPL Testing Tools and MISRA Development Guidelines for Vehicle Based Software
IPL Testing Tools and ISO9001/BS5750/TickIT
IPL Testing Tools and SEI Capability Maturity Model
IPL Testing Tools and DOD Mil Std 498
Cantata and AdaTEST in the IEC/SC65A/WG9 Software Quality Process
AdaTEST, Cantata and Interim Defence Standard 00-55
AdaTEST, Cantata and IEC1508
AdaTEST, Cantata and RIA23
AdaTEST, Cantata and EN50128
AdaTEST, Cantata and IEC880
AdaTEST, Cantata and ESA PSS-05-0, Issue 2
AdaTEST, Cantata and DOD-STD-2167A

Technical Papers

Testing C with Cantata++

C++ - "It's Testing, Jim, But Not As We Know It"

Testing Embedded C++ with Cantata++

Achieving Testability when using Ada Packaging and Data Hiding Methods

Designing Testable Ada

Testing Techniques for Ada 95

Other Papers

Featured "Test & Screening" article "Design-for-Test Strategy Eases Unit Level Testing" as published in the COTS Journal magazine February 2004 issue.
Industry Viewpoint article "Think Unit Testing for Medical-Device Software" as published in Medical Design News magazine November/December 2003 issue.
For a description of some experiences of introducing Cantata into aerospace systems work, please see the paper "Measuring the Efficiency of Introducing New Methods in the Software Development Process" written by IAI engineers, and presented at the EuroSTAR conference in November 1999.

Testing Times Newsletter

Testing Times 19   March 2004 / (156k)
Cantata++ use in medical systems
FDA and guidelines on software testing
Testing Times 18   February 2003 / (268k)
AdaTEST 95 use in space systems
Article on embedded C++
Testing Times 17   June 2002 / (309k)
Cantata++ use in rail transport
Article on eXtreme programming
Testing Times 16   April 2001 / (515k)
AdaTEST use in avionics & defense systems
Article on target testing
Testing Times 15   April 2000 / (190k)
Cantata++ use in avionics, rail and nuclear power
Article on OO analysis metrics
Testing Times 14   November 1999 / (168k)
Article on OO context code coverage analysis
Testing Times 12   April 1999 / (200k)
AdaTEST use in military avionics (EFA)
Testing Times 11   October 1998 / (786k)
Cantata++ use in telecomm
Testing Times 10   April 1998 / (974k)
AdaTEST use in military avionics (F-22)

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